Thickness 1mm (+10%)  
  Resistance To Surface Wear 350 ( Revolution )  
  Resistance To Immersion in Boiling Water    
  -Mass Increase (%) 10.0 max.  
  -Thickness Increase (%) 11.8 max.  
  Resistance To Dry Heat 180 c Not Worse Than 4  
  Dimensional Stability At Deviated Temperture    
  -Longitudinal(%) 0.5 Max.  
  -Transverse(%) 0.9 Max.  
  Dimensional Stability At 20 c    
  -Longitudinal(%) 0.375 Max.  
  -Transverse(%) 0.60 Max.  
  Resistance To Impact By Small Diameter Ball 20N min.  
  Resistance To Cracking Not Worse Than 4  
  Resistance To Scratching 2N Min.  
  Resistance To Scaining Not Worse Than 5  
  Resistances TO Colour Chang (Wool standards)    
  -In Xenon Arc Light Not Worse Than 6  
  -In Enclosed Carbon Arc Light Not Worse Than 5  
  Resistance To Cigarette Burns Not Worse Than 3  
  Resistance To Steam Not Worse Than 4  
  Appearance Should Be free form Foreign Partical  
  All Testes May not Valid For embossed & metallic laminates
  General Information :    
Products : High Pressure Decorative Laminnated Sheets
Size : 2440 mm x 1220 ( 8 X 4 ft. )
Thickness : 1 mm ( Other Thinckness Available On Request )
Quality Standard : Design base Papers Are imported form European and Japanese Manufacturess
use of best quality kraft paper.
use of 100% melamine resin and 100% phenoc resin.
use of best chemicals and raw material for batter flexibility & durability .
Limited Warranty : Rebecca Warrants that its products are reasonably free form manufacturing desects the products When propetly used Will comply widt normal deviations, to related manufacturing excludes damage resulting form accidents, abuse or cafe, improper use and / or any alternation. it is recommended that the products must be inspected prior to installation and our liability will be limited to the extent of the products only. rebecca laminates are used for variose applacation, without possibility of control over the manufacturing of the finished products. the company dose not assume obligation or liabilities arisign foprm the furnishing sale, installation or repair, used or subsequemnt sale of any person or entity.
Care & maintenace : cleaning should be carried out with a soft abrasive particles or excess soda