REBECCA is equiped with excellent team of experienced professionals, latest communication networks and a management culture which believes in giving excellent services to the customers.

Bringing to you the best in decorative laminates, the REBECCA range is synonymous with style. We pride ourselves in being able to bring forward the latest in product innovation from time to time, keeping only one goal in mind – to create exceptional décor for homes and offices, for those who are hooked onto style.REBECCA has witnessed a steady growth in the laminate industry and are continuing to grow at a fast pace, having prioritized our commitment to providing stylized and quality products to our customers at all times.

Our products are available in an array of multiple shades and textures, with laminates for almost every surface, from table tops, doors, shelves and counters to reception desks and furniture. Exclusively designed to suit your style, REBECCA is heralded as the new age laminate with the latest patterns and textures, living by its promise to keep you in sync with the trend.

Decorative Laminated Sheets manufactured in India has been well accepted in many overseas markets due to their superior quality and value for money. REBECCA will be focusing on many such foreign markets to increase its business and to promote our country s image.

We ensure careful monitoring of all steps in the manufacturing process to bring you the best quality end product. With our production capacities extending up to 100000 sheets a month in 4’×8’ With a strong distribution network in India and presence in over 300 cities is readily available.

Our global quality specifying to IS : 2046-1995 (Type VGS) and international standards ISO 9001:2008 of our high-pressure decorative laminates had generated great demand worldwide. We have also gained many customers from multinational companies and leading furniture manufacturers.

The key highlights of our company are

  • IS : 2046-1995 (Type VGS) and ISO 9001:2008 certified processes for quality assurance of international standards.
  • Genuine European and Japanese base paper for crystal-clear prints and patterns.
  • German Sanding Technology for better sticking laminates.
  • Resistance to boiling water allows you to spill scalding hot coffee or tea without worry.
  • Company managed by highly professional team.
  • Own high-tech R&D centre.
  • Feel good that you are conserving trees and the environment when you use our laminate.